Hand Pumps
Hand Pumps

At present we are continuing to produce the 13cc & 17cc per double stroke Hand pumps originally designed and produced by Smiths Industries Hydraulics. These can have a Relief valve and a Manual release.The various models can be selected using a simple coding system. The Manual release can be fitted with a spring return. These pumps are either standalone or can be fitted to a resevoir. We are also engaged in developing a small Single Stroke Hand Pump range.
A Twin speed pump delivers 16cc / double stoke up till a pressure of approx. 50 bar, which can be adjusted , and then approx 2.5cc up to a max Press of 500bar. This pump performs best with 30 cs Hydraulic oil.

This is an economical version of our standard double stroke Hand pump. It is of durable manufacture and at present comes in the basic form.
Another economically priced hand pump this is a single stroke hand pump mainly aimed and units requiring a power failure back-up pump. It comes with relief valve and release as standard.

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